Friday, March 6, 2015

March... March on

It's now March. Mar-ch, March. Hmmm it seems  this year is flying by.! Just yesterday it was January. We were in Texas. Houston to be exact. Big BIG town. Now we are in Idaho. Teeny tiny town about 45 mins from Boise. Just here for a month or so. Then back to Arizona. Then Nevada. This is the most I've traveled in, well ever!  Enjoying the change of scenery. Would enjoy it better if it was warmer. I do not enjoy the cold. At all. Maybe tomorrow I will venture into Boise. See what I can find there. See ya around. Who knows I may really see you around ;)

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

February Already?!

Where does the time go? I swear! It seems to go faster and faster. We have been to Texas, and back again. I wasn't ready to leave but that's life. Throws those curve balls. We will eventually end up there. It's just going to take a bit longer. Possibly back to Nevada, then on to our dream property in Texas. Looking forward to getting Internet... As it is always more fun to post with pics! Hope all is well with everyone. See ya around;) 
Who's in Nevada?

Monday, December 29, 2014

Monday, June 23, 2014

Its been Forever!!

So I'm sitting here thinking how much I miss blogland, my friends and all the stories! Not to mention the pictures aand comments. Oh I am on Facebook where I am lucky enough to have found some of you dear blog friends. But I kiss this world. The one where we are all friends. No drama just good friends keeping in touch with pictures and stories. Heck I'm not even sure who still blogs? Well I just have to try. Who is out there? Helllloooo;)

Friday, February 3, 2012

What's in a name?

Trainwreck?? Trainwreck!! Trainwreck....
I guess it's a compliment when people ask me about my name.
How did you get that name? You don't look like a Trainwreck...?
Ha I feel like one at times.
Trainwreck came by accident really.
I had a friend tell me I need to check out her "Blog"
Blog?? What is a Blog??
"Oh its amazing" she told me.
So I looked up her blog.
and then I looked up another blog...hmmm
Who reads these "Blogs?"
Then I wandered on to The Pioneer Womans Blog.
It was my life! I could relate to her.
Ok my ranch is itty bitty, and my Cowboy is real but doesn't round up cattle all day.
I didn't meet him on college break, but it is still a pretty good story...ahem sorry got lost for a moment.

 I don't have any red headed children either... but sometimes I would like to beat them like one, does that count?? 
The only wild horses running around my ranch are the two colts we had last year...
But they are beautiful.
I can cook! And I love to take pictures of everyday beauty.
So see we are the same!
I had pictures that were similar just sitting on my computer taking up space.
What was I ever going to do with all those pictures!? 
So, I decided to "Blog"

But who are these people that read blogs??
Are they ok? Are they stalkers? Are they friendly??
Would anyone I know read my Blog??
WOULD I WANT anyone I know to READ my blog?? 
I needed an alias! 
But what...I don't really have a nick name.
Let me think....
Then it just came to me...
It was my horses name. Perfect.
So I started to Blog, and became Trainwreck, TW for short.
And I like it. It fits me. 

Oh and I also like all my new crazy, stalker, friends! 


Sunday, January 22, 2012

Mammas Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up to be Cowboys??

AH Ha!
You thought I was kidding didn't cha? Well I wasn't I am here to stay. I missed you for too long. Plus it is a resolution, and who doesn't keep those? Pffff he he

As many of you know I have a soft spot for Cowboys.
I had better! I am married to one.(sigh)
Ahh yes I am a lucky girl. (batting my eyelashes)
He sweeps me into his strong arms & we ride off into the sunset on a daily basis.
Ok this isn't true, but I do sweep the floor on a regular basis, I love him lots, and the sunsets are pretty amazing here?  

So its partly true;) 

But what is it my Cowboy, that gets my blood boiling?
It's the hat! 
Oh and the jeans,
Oh and we can't forget the chaps! (pictures to come)
I have to say, I just love to see my guy on his horse working cattle.
There is just something about that Cowboy.
Strong, not afraid of getting dirty, putting in a honest days work.
Working hard, starting before the sun comes,and long into the night. 
Yes I love that fella of mine!   
Oh and did I mention I love that hat!?



  I think there is something special about my Cowboy.
Now don't get me wrong, it's not all sunsets and romance.
There are hard times and bad times.
My Cowboy isn't perfect. Lord knows this to be true!
He can be down right stubborn!
Cantankerous if you will!!
Ornery even!

Bullheaded and a real pain in the as...errr ah ahem...oh yeah family blog, family blog!!
I do think this goes for men in general, not just my Cowboy.
I just want you all to know, that life here is just as normal as yours.
I know, I know you all thought I lived a perfect life a gorgeous house on a fantastic ranch with green rolling hills, and I home teach my little Angels, with a handsome Cowboy by my side?
Well if you are looking for that story you want PW not TW;) 

I work 4 days a week, my Cowboy runs his company as well as works out in the field, on top of being a Cowboy, my kids go to public school, and are doing great (Thank you Lord)
We do have acreage, and horses.
We have 7 horses! I know!! Crazy!
We have roping steers (seasonal)  
We also have too many dogs, but heck we just love them all.
2 cats and no more chickens due to we also have coyotes! 
See normal.

So my Cowboy may not be perfect, but heck I'm not & my life isn't either!
I wouldn't want it to be.

My Cowboy fits my life, and I love him 
Sometimes crazy, and hectic, but filled with love and blessings!


So Yes I am married to a handsome Cowboy.
And yes I am a lucky girl.
We do have romance in our life, and wonderful sunsets.
This is what I love, this crazy wonderful life.

Are all Cowboys as wonderful as mine?
I like to think so.
But do mechanics, farmers, plumbers,make pretty awesome husbands?
You bet they do. 
So as much as I love my romanticized idea of being married to a Cowboy.
Everyone one is different, and its all in who you have in mind for your life.
Its about sharing your life with someone who wold do anything to make you happy, and vice versa.
You just have to find the one that loves you true,
sunsets are for everyone. 

But if your babies want to grow up to be Cowboys?
It ok!

So...Who do you love that loves you?