Friday, February 3, 2012

What's in a name?

Trainwreck?? Trainwreck!! Trainwreck....
I guess it's a compliment when people ask me about my name.
How did you get that name? You don't look like a Trainwreck...?
Ha I feel like one at times.
Trainwreck came by accident really.
I had a friend tell me I need to check out her "Blog"
Blog?? What is a Blog??
"Oh its amazing" she told me.
So I looked up her blog.
and then I looked up another blog...hmmm
Who reads these "Blogs?"
Then I wandered on to The Pioneer Womans Blog.
It was my life! I could relate to her.
Ok my ranch is itty bitty, and my Cowboy is real but doesn't round up cattle all day.
I didn't meet him on college break, but it is still a pretty good story...ahem sorry got lost for a moment.

 I don't have any red headed children either... but sometimes I would like to beat them like one, does that count?? 
The only wild horses running around my ranch are the two colts we had last year...
But they are beautiful.
I can cook! And I love to take pictures of everyday beauty.
So see we are the same!
I had pictures that were similar just sitting on my computer taking up space.
What was I ever going to do with all those pictures!? 
So, I decided to "Blog"

But who are these people that read blogs??
Are they ok? Are they stalkers? Are they friendly??
Would anyone I know read my Blog??
WOULD I WANT anyone I know to READ my blog?? 
I needed an alias! 
But what...I don't really have a nick name.
Let me think....
Then it just came to me...
It was my horses name. Perfect.
So I started to Blog, and became Trainwreck, TW for short.
And I like it. It fits me. 

Oh and I also like all my new crazy, stalker, friends! 



  1. Hahaha-You are so funny!

    Have you seen the advertisements for Pioneer Woman's new t.v. show?

  2. Thanks Fernie!! Love you too!!
    Bec, yes just the other day!! I will have to record it, as it is on when I am at work! Another small little thing we don't have in common.;)

  3. Let me see, I know both of you and who do you think is my favorite, well it sure as heck isn't the local ranch blogger here from the Oklahoma prairie, you are way more interesting! Yes, that is cause I am your Momma, but I would think so even if I wasn't! You rock girl and I am proud of you and your family!

    1. I love you! So thankful we met and have kept in touch! Love Facebook for that!

  4. If you shot those pics, you are an artist. You could give the Pioneer Woman (the woman I believe stole my life) a run for her money. And, I think I'm getting married.

    1. Girl! How are you! I found your blog the other day while trying to figure out how the hell to get mine working! I left you a comment congratulations!

  5. Yeah but we are NICE that makes it ok right? And...I did have another baby! I know, crazy! I love it

    1. You did!? Congrats I will have to pop over and see! Had a hard time getting my blog straightened out:/ hopefully it's all good now!

  6. Stalkers... Ha! You're like a bad penny. ;P

    Besides TDub... I'm sure the barefoot contessa was already taken. ;)

    1. Oh LL thank goodness I have your email and can stalk you;)

  7. Cute, thanks for sharing that!! ;-) Can't wait to see more of your posts and photos....don't stay away too long my dear!!

    1. Gah I couldn't get on my blog. So I had to change my domain. I think I have it now;)