Friday, February 3, 2012

What's in a name?

Trainwreck?? Trainwreck!! Trainwreck....
I guess it's a compliment when people ask me about my name.
How did you get that name? You don't look like a Trainwreck...?
Ha I feel like one at times.
Trainwreck came by accident really.
I had a friend tell me I need to check out her "Blog"
Blog?? What is a Blog??
"Oh its amazing" she told me.
So I looked up her blog.
and then I looked up another blog...hmmm
Who reads these "Blogs?"
Then I wandered on to The Pioneer Womans Blog.
It was my life! I could relate to her.
Ok my ranch is itty bitty, and my Cowboy is real but doesn't round up cattle all day.
I didn't meet him on college break, but it is still a pretty good story...ahem sorry got lost for a moment.

 I don't have any red headed children either... but sometimes I would like to beat them like one, does that count?? 
The only wild horses running around my ranch are the two colts we had last year...
But they are beautiful.
I can cook! And I love to take pictures of everyday beauty.
So see we are the same!
I had pictures that were similar just sitting on my computer taking up space.
What was I ever going to do with all those pictures!? 
So, I decided to "Blog"

But who are these people that read blogs??
Are they ok? Are they stalkers? Are they friendly??
Would anyone I know read my Blog??
WOULD I WANT anyone I know to READ my blog?? 
I needed an alias! 
But what...I don't really have a nick name.
Let me think....
Then it just came to me...
It was my horses name. Perfect.
So I started to Blog, and became Trainwreck, TW for short.
And I like it. It fits me. 

Oh and I also like all my new crazy, stalker, friends!